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January 24, 2024

Loonbird Cafe Songwriters Circle (https://mudsong.net/loonbird.html) 

Table for 7, Bemidji


Labor Day Weekend, 2022

A concert reading of "Water from Snow" at Mask & Rose Theatre, Puposky (www.maskrose.com) 


Oct. 9, 2021

Washington, D.C.-area Transformation Theatre will produce a virtual reading of wth: Welcome

to Hell, Please Choose from the Following Options with Deaf actors and Deaf director in

September 2021, drawing on resources from nearby Gallaudet University.


Oct. 3-4, 2021       

Public reading of Water from Snow. (bookwriter, songwriter/ lyricist) This contemporary musical

set in small-town Minnesota is in development with composer/arrangers Robert Elhai and Fred



Jan. 13-14, 2020        

Selections from Water from Snow featured in Nautilus Music Theater's Rough Cuts series

(Minneapolis, Minn.) www.nautilusmusictheater.org


April 2019      

It was a standing-room-only crowd at Otter Tail County Historical Society Museum for a sneak

peak at Lillie's Ghost and a discussion about this period in the county's history.



October 2019 

Presentation at the Historical Writers of America Conference in Colonial Williamsburg. Va.

http://historicalwritersofamerica.org/ about genre-blending in Lillie's Ghost.


March 2019   

Snip, Snap, Snute (bookwriter, co-lyricist, co-composer), was one of two new musicals chosen

for Pantochino Productions POW! Festival in West Haven, Conn.


June 2018       

wth: Welcome to Hell, Please Choose from the Following Options (playwright, co-producer) a

play about emotional and verbal abuse, received a professional production in Minneapolis in

collaboration with ThinkSelf, an organization that provides services for deaf and hard-of-hearing

adults. Co-played by hearing and deaf actors, it was a fully accessible theater experience for deaf

and deaf-blind audiences and sold out the run.